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Sedentary harm

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Sedentary harm

Working ten years, using a sentence, it is to turn a decade with the computer, and avoid intimate contact with the high strength of the computer and chairs every day. Naturally, the waist, the problem begins to trouble me, and after introducing the original office chair with the human body, the situation has not been seen.

The query information learned that not only the wrong sitting position will affect the body and the body, and the sedentary will be seated.

Still recalling the children's period to learn art, the height of the studio can be adjusted, and you can sit in alternately painting. Trying to move this model to the office, you will learn that there is a reimbursement desk, and now there is a rich purchase experience. The company also replaces the work desk in order to increase the desk through my proposal.

Adjustable Height Computer Standing Office Desk

Do not drag the water, here simply share my experience, ros listed several yourself, experience the elevated standing desk.

Sedentary harm

Whether it is office worker, still a student, sedentary phenomenon becomes more common, and such a behavior eroses all aspects of the human body, first for everyone, listed three most important attention:


Sedentary is easy to make the blood flow rate slowly, fatty acids are constantly accumulated in the blood vessels, the blood viscosity increases, and the pulse is more intra-arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Heavy people may cause extremely dangerous heart disease.

Lumbar vertebrae

Sitting posture to our spine is much larger than we usually stand up, so long-term weight, it is easy to cause lumbar disc herniation, as well as lumbar muscle fatigue damage. And the back muscle is drawn behind the pelvis, resulting in back pain.

Digestive system

The burden of the gastrointestinal sedentary is increased, and the secretion of digestive liquid is less susceptible to digestion / absorption. There is a abdominal pain, digestive tract dumping obstruction, and the body will also cause: stomach fat, stepwise increase.

There is still a lot of harm to the body for a long time, and it is not listed here, and all major websites can find information.

After receiving the hazard of the sedentary, we need timely find the way to deal with the deal, it is a good way to rest, it is a good way to walk, but is it more convenient, suitable?

Yes, please continue to look down.

Adjustable Height Computer Standing Office Desk

Advantages of the sustained table:

The standing desk is different from the traditional work desk, which can adjust the desktop height. Adjust the office posture on the way, realize the office to sit in the office, and to ensure that our office efficiency is to solve the office to give us the body. Various hazards. Most of the companies that have already been equipped with a large-scale tunable upgrade desk, which can be applied to a variety of work scenes, and the benefits of all kinds of office for IT, media, clothing need for a long time.

One sentence to describe his views on the rise-down table: With the development of technology and everyone's attention to physical health is increasing, the standing desk will gradually replace the traditional work desk, just like the new energy vehicle will gradually replace the traditional fuel truck, it is The general trend.

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