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Scientifically adjust the height of the desk and chair keyboard and the distance of the monitor

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For computer people who need to sit for a long time at work, a good desk and chair are particularly important. After all, sitting for a long time can cause harm to the body. Remember to remind yourself to get up and move as soon as the time is up, stretch your muscles or change your posture.


Because of this, "standing work" and liftable computer desks have become popular in recent years, so you don't have to be forced to sit on a chair all the time while working.

But as far as my personal experience is concerned, whether it is sitting or standing work, it will burden the body, but the position of the force is different. What I can do is to maintain the correct posture as much as possible and develop exercise habits.

Recently I bought a monitor stand to support my original monitor (only need to support VESA universal hole pitch). It not only saves desktop space, but also looks more concise. You can quickly adjust the height, front-to-back distance, angle or direction of the display according to your needs.

Compared with the original monitor, the bracket is of course more flexible. What's more important is that you can maintain the correct sitting posture after narrowing the distance between the monitor and the monitor.

When we buy desktop products, we are nothing more than making them more comfortable, so as not to make sitting for a long time a burden.

So I spent some time searching for information such as the height of the computer desk, the height of the chair, the distance of the monitor, the height of the keyboard, etc., but there seem to be various opinions. It can calculate the most suitable height and distance according to the height of the user. As long as the length given in this planning period is adjusted accordingly, the correct sitting or standing posture can be obtained (when working while standing).


Correct sitting posture: The chair should be seated as full as possible, so that the waist has enough support, the feet must be flat on the ground and the chair part should be vertically curved (if you can't step on the ground, you can add a foot pad). The hand should be placed flat on the desktop, the distance between the eyes and the monitor should be about 50-76 cm, and the line of sight should fall on the screen.

Adjusting to this height by means of tape measure according to these numbers will be the correct working sitting or workstation posture.

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