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Scientific office posture

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Scientific office posture is pay attention to ergonomics, because everyone's height is different, the height of computer desk and chair should be different. But the highly unified table on the market can not be different from person to person, only the standing desk can match the needs of all people's healthy office.

From the scientific office, health office point of view, standing desk is very necessary to buy.

The height of the table on the market in our country is usually 75cm. This height is the most suitable for 172.5cm people to sit according to the reference standard given by the country. The person who is too low and too high is actually not suitable. So fixed height tables, unless customized, otherwise difficult to buy the right. Especially girls, children and boys who are too tall.


A little bit of knowledge:

The height of standard of computer desk of euramerican regulation on international does not exceed 70 centimeters, British computer desk, recommend height of desktop also is 71 centimeters only at present.

Japan 1971 before the standard height of the desk used 74 centimeters. As a result of various occupational diseases, the standards for office appliances were revised in 1971, with 70 cm and 67 cm being the standard heights for men's and women's desks respectively.

The height of 75 centimeters on computer desk, desk, desk in our country market is obviously too high...

Scientific office posture

1.The healthiest sitting position is when your knees and thighs are at an Angle of about 135 degrees, not 90 degrees

That's according to a joint study by experts from Canada and Scotland. Why 135 degrees? Because the wide Angle allows you to tilt the pelvis forward and maintain the natural curve of the lower back. This reduces the pressure on the disc and allows the surrounding muscles and ligaments to relax more.


If you sit too low, it's easy to put your feet naturally in front of you instead of at your sides, which inadvertently creates a slouching posture that causes your back to bend abnormally.

2. Ideally, the table should be just below your elbow at a 90-degree Angle. Your elbows should rest loosely on the elbow support mat. A table that is too high or too low can cause shoulder and neck problems.

3. When looking up, the line of sight is the upper edge of the computer screen. No matter how big the screen is, it is the upper edge.

The most scientific solution to this is a saddle chair, which works best with an electric standing desk that adjusts the height of the table.

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