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Review the history of desk development and see how the lifting desk rises

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Throughout the development of human civilization, the formation of furniture has a history of thousands of years. After the industrial revolution, with the rapid development of mechanical equipment and the Internet, office buildings have been further optimized and strengthened. Office culture has also begun to spread, and the development of office furniture has ushered in an unprecedented opportunity. From the initial high-density open office to the popularity of office partitions. Then to today when we advocate a healthy, smart, and comfortable office environment and furniture. Let us review the development history of human office furniture together!


The creation of the office can be traced back to the European Middle Ages. At that time, monks who enjoyed a high social status could be regarded as the inventor of the office. Since only the monks in the church could enjoy the office space, the office at that time had a high aura, and ordinary civilians could not use it casually.

The other group that enjoyed privileges was the notaries at the time, that is, people who played many important roles, such as prosecutors, tax collectors, lawyers, businessmen, and even bankers.

Lifting seats have also appeared at the time. In the multifunctional office of William II of Prussia, there is an adjustable height seat with saddle-shaped cushions.

After the industrial revolution, factories have developed in large numbers, and how to manage workers to improve their production efficiency has become an urgent problem that needs to be solved.

After a long time of consideration, the employers at the time set up an office. Because they believe that as long as employees can stay in their seats for as long as possible, they can increase work output. The female typists at that time were the embryonic form of today's white-collar workers. Their work is single and procedural, and even the number of words to be typed every hour is clearly defined.

Entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of technology and the Internet around the world, the number of people who need to sit in front of office computers is increasing rapidly. At the same time, the time that office workers need to stay at their desks is increasing day by day. Since the beginning of the millennium, in just 15 years, there have been more than 10,000 publicly published scientific literatures mentioning the harm to the body by sitting for long periods of time. Health experts unanimously came to a conclusion: long-term sitting can cause harm to human health, even greater than smoking.


The awakening of office health awareness, economic development, and the maturity of technology have jointly promoted the rapid development of the lifting desk market. According to statistics, searches for the term "lifting desk" have more than doubled in the Google and Baidu search indexes in the past five years.

Looking into the future, with the development of science and technology and the enhancement of people's concept of healthy office, more new office furniture with the theme of health and intelligence will appear, let us wait and see.

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