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Pros and Cons of Standing Desk

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Pros and cons of standing desk

Let me talk about the advantages of the standing desk:

1. For those who sit in the office, they can achieve the alternation of the station, change the office's posture, and ensure our health. I believe that everyone knows that people sitting in the office will be prone to cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis (people driving long-time people are easily affected by cervical spondylosis), which are caused by long-term maintenance sitting. Adjust the table to the user's proper height, allow the user's sitting posture, allowing the user to stand with the table office or study, such alternating use not only protects the eyesight, but also solve the problem of long-term sitting effectively prevent discomfort of spine, waist and shoulder and neck. . Sedentary is a healthy killer, sedentary will increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. If you can interrupt a long time by standing, you can reduce the negative impact of long-standing health.

2.Standing desk can improve our work efficiency. You can adjust the height table up and down. If you don't have the same height, you can apply it, you can give a comfortable experience height, whether you are working or learning. Efficiency. The lifting table is mainly designed for a long time, in the actual experience, the rise-down table is very obvious for the rise and fall of the desktop, and the traditional work desk is not a hierarchy. The office people can promote their own blood circulation through the alternating posture of the station, relieve their fatigue and discomfort, allowing yourself more concentrated, work more intention, making it more efficient to complete your work. The researchers found the customer service group as a test object, found that after they replace the work desk, the production efficiency increased by more than 20% in the first month.

3. Increase energy consumption. Stands will of course be more energy than sitting, adding total energy consumption, can also help lose weight.


Let me talk about the drawbacks of the reduction table:

1. The first is that the price is more expensive. The price price of the general standing desk is a thousand yuan, which is a single motor, and the dual motor prices are basically two thousand starts. Foreign brands are more expensive, and they must be five or six thousand.

2. The technical requirements are relatively high. The standing desk is good, first, it is to look at the stability of the lifting and the slippery process. The technical requirements of the single motor are not high. The actual experience is that the lifting process is not smooth, and it is not smooth and a little resistance. And the actual experience of the double motor will be much better.3, the maintenance cost is expensive. Although it is necessary to say that the reducing table must be warranty, do not worry about this problem in a few years, but there is always a time limit. This technology requires a relatively high product, if damaged, maintenance costs also believe in a lot.

There are two types of standing desks, which are standing on a standing desk and a simple version of the table, which can choose a standin desk according to the scene you want to work or learn.


Standing: Shape, like a table, there is a table leg, two table legs and three table-legged lifting tables, there are two ways to adjust, respectively, manual and electric;

Simple version of the table: the lifting table that can be used directly on the workbench, the size is not large, even if the girl can easily move, it does not occupy any space, there are two ways to adjust the upper and lower adjustments, respectively, manual and Electric;

Manual and electric:

I said that these two types of lift tables have manual and electric lifting methods. It is very laborious when manual use, and electricity is very easy to press down. Of course. The price is also different, you can choose your hand or electricity according to your budget.

If you are interested, you can contact us, we will answer your doubts!

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