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Precautions for office desk placement

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If the office is a necessary place for our work, then the desk is the necessary office supplies for our work. Therefore, the placement of feng shui on the desk will have a great impact on our work efficiency and work quality.


The desk should not be too cluttered

When placing desks in the office, you must not place them too cluttered, because if the desks are placed too messy, it will definitely affect the mental state of the staff at work.

And if you work for a long time, you will definitely get more and more irritable, so you will not be able to take responsibility for your work seriously, and there will be a mentality of irrelevant and high-hanging no matter what you do.

All in all, if the desk layout in the office is too messy, it will definitely affect the staff's work. At the same time, it will affect the efficiency of work. Naturally, it will not be appreciated by the boss.

The desk should not be close to the wall

And the placement of the desk must not be close to the wall. Because if there is no wind behind the desk, even if it is pasted on the wall, it will give you a cool feeling behind your back, giving people a comfortable feeling.

However, such a desk placement will not only affect the health of the human body, but it is also easy to ignore the situation with your colleagues because of working in a small corner. Therefore, facing staff with cheerful personality, if there is such a desk with Feng Shui, it will definitely cause conflicts and misunderstandings among colleagues.

It is not advisable to accumulate too high books on the right hand side of the desk

At the same time, we must not put books on the desk that are too high on the right hand side. Therefore, if too many clutter is piled on the right side of the desk, it will definitely affect the feng shui of the office.

However, many people are accustomed to placing items on the right hand side, because the right hand is the hand used for writing, and it is more comfortable. However, it is best to place books, water glasses or documents on the left hand side of the desk items, so that it will not affect your work efficiency.


The desk should not be facing the door

The desk can't be placed in front of the door, because if the door of the office is open, it is easy to see all the scenes outside the door. Therefore, it is easy to distract the attention of people in front of the desk, and it is difficult to enter the state of work. At the same time, in Feng Shui, such a placement of Feng Shui is easy to conflict with the door, which is naturally not conducive to the work of the staff.

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