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Pay attention to these 3 points to make your baby watch TV reasonably

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Television is an indispensable electrical appliance in every family. Television can not only enrich people's amateur life, but also relieve stress to a certain extent. It is also because every family has a TV, so little babies will also join the ranks of watching TV. At this time, it is necessary to attract the attention of adults. Because watching TV incorrectly, it is very likely that the baby’s eyesight will be damaged. 


1. Not all babies of any age can watch TV

Babies under one and a half years old are not allowed to watch TV. Babies at this stage have no way to connect things on TV with reality, even if they watch it, they watch it for nothing. In addition, the eyesight of babies under one and a half years has not yet fully developed. If you watch too much TV at this stage, it will be very harmful to your eyesight.

The visual acuity of 2~3 year-old babies has reached 0.6~1.0. At this time, they can watch TV properly, but not for more than half an hour. If possible, it is best not to let the baby watch. Babies between the ages of 2 and 5 can watch TV for no more than one hour a day. 5~8-year-old babies should not watch TV more than two hours a day.

If the baby watches TV for too long, his vision will be reduced. If he does not recover for a long time, he will have short-term vision loss and become long-term vision loss.

2. Choose the right TV program for your baby

Not all TV programs are suitable for babies. When watching TV for babies, it is best to choose programs suitable for babies. For example, cartoons are a good choice. Animations are suitable for babies in terms of content, color, and duration, which can reduce the damage to children's eyes to a certain extent. For example, the duration of a cartoon is relatively short, about 15-20 minutes per episode, so that the baby can rest his eyes every 15-20 minutes.

3. The lighting must be appropriate when the baby is watching TV

When the child is watching TV, the brightness of the light must be appropriate. It can't be particularly dark or bright. In general, it is enough to leave a softer light. If the child blinks or rubs his eyes constantly while watching TV, be sure to turn off the TV in time to allow the child's eyes to be fully rested.


Although older babies can watch TV properly, some details must be paid attention to when watching TV, such as the brightness of the lights when watching TV and the time spent watching TV. In addition, after the child is watching TV, he should eat some foods that are good for his eyes. For example, tomatoes and carrots are good foods.

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