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Office chairs are related to the health of office workers

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For office workers, sitting in front of the computer for a long time every day, the comfort of office chairs is directly related to the health of office workers. How to choose a comfortable office chair? A comfortable office chair must have many functions, such as adjusting the height of the table and chair, and adjusting the pitch angle of the backrest.


1. When choosing an office chair, sit down and feel whether your back is soft or hard.


Whether the backrest curve of the chair matches the curvature of the human spine, whether the backrest is fully supported, and whether the abdomen can reduce the heavy load of the backrest to ensure the correct sitting posture. Whether the seat is spacious, firm and fully supported can reduce the impact of the net weight of the human body when sitting. At the same time, pay attention to the choice of universal wheels: whether it is safe and stable, whether it can rotate freely on the blanket, whether the plastic color of the roller is too hard to damage the floor.

2. The position of the chair cushion should be moderate


Chair cushions can indeed play a role in reducing lumbar disc herniation, but there are also many particularities when using chair cushions. First, the chair cushion must be placed on the abdomen, and it is invalid on the back. This is due to the fact that there are three physiological bends in the spine of a normal human body. Therefore, when sitting on an office chair, put a chair cushion on your stomach and back. It can effectively support and maintain the physiological state of the intervertebral disc bending forward, balance the pressure of the intervertebral disc and lumbar muscles, reduce muscle strain, increase comfort, prevent and improve intervertebral disc discomfort, and stabilize the spine.


3. The cushion should be suitable


The cushion should not be too thin or soft to support the abdomen and back, nor too thick or too hard. Too thick will cause excessive forward bending of the intervertebral disc, while too hard will make people uncomfortable. When choosing, you can try it behind the waist. If the cushion still feels comfortable after 10 minutes, this layer is appropriate. If you feel tired or even painful at the waist, it indicates that the cushion is substandard. Also, people who already suffer from lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis should pay more attention to the comfort of the chair cushion.

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