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Note when buying standing desk

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Note when buying standing desk

Standing desk can be broadly divided into three categories:

Hand shake

The desktop is adjusted by handling the desktop or by the mechanical device in the manual adjustment table. And because it is simple, the cost is low, so naturally, it is relatively low, which is a more cost-effective choice, but the elevation height is limited, and human is needed.


It is mainly achieved by a nitrogen spring to achieve a desktop lifting. The advantage is that the type of table covers an area is generally small and can save a lot of space for office area. Disadvantages, because it is pneumatic adjustment, the speed of the lifting is faster, the stability is difficult to control, and the operation is required to repeat the operation, and the operation process is more cumbersome.


Mainly by the motor to control the mechanical device, use the power drive to adjust the height of the desktop, the mode of operation is simple, only the one-time button can reach the effect of the lifting, and the highly adjustment is also more precise. At present, the most popular style is also the most popular style (multimedia, Bluetooth, venue interaction, etc.), the price will be more than two kinds than the above, it is a class of love.



Note when buying standing desk

1.Take heavy ability

According to what you need to be placed on your office desktop, you will have a probably assessment of the standing desk you need. Most of the rendering tables on the market can reach more than 60kg, but it is necessary to clear the load-bearing capacity of the standing desk. Not your daily office needs, then the sway in use will be your very bad experience.

2. Highly adjustment

In combination with your own height to assess your own lifting height, the adjustable lift height is too low, and it is impossible to reach its own needs, and it will also become an embarrassment. Personal recommends that adjustable heights can reach 125-130 cm standing desk, adaptability, and various height.

3. Material

The standing desk on the market mainly has three components, solid wood, E1 environmental panel, and tempered glass.

Individuals are more preferred, whether it is a texture or use experience, but the same price is higher than the other two, and can make the most preferred according to their hobbies and budgets.


4. Additional features

Mainly for electric standing desk ,many electric rising tables are equipped with functions such as multi-function panel, high memory, long-standing reminder, etc., of course, need to choose according to personal needs, is a place worth noting.

5. After sale

The same can be associated with the choice of the brand, select a more famous, and the brand has a certain influence brand is also crucial, after-sales warranty and replacement can be guaranteed. It is prone to damage to the standing desk of miscellaneous cards, and after the sale is extremely poor, don't go into the hand rollback table because of low prices.

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