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Nine skills that must be said when participating in the exhibition

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  Participate in various trade shows, this is called show selling skills. Now there are more and more exhibitions at home and abroad, so if you want to display sales, you must choose an appropriate exhibition.

  First, you have to choose the size of the show.

  Nine skills of the exhibition:

The first is to study the psychology of customers at the exhibition; the second is to prepare well for people, time, place, material and money; the third is to organize; the fourth is to find potential customers; the fifth is product introduction skills; .

Second, make full preparations for people, time, place, material, and money.

Third, to group.

What is this group for? It is a multi-destination attack and collocation, which can be divided into several parts, for example: to collect information-because of an exhibition, almost all the competitors and the upstream and downstream of the industry will be there, so for you Speaking is an important opportunity to gather information about the entire industry. Another example: there are people who specialize in making friends. Sometimes these friends will invite experts to give speeches, officials will cut the ribbon and talk, there will be managers in the industry, there will be colleagues, there will be your upstream suppliers, you Downstream, friends of the media, friends of the government, so I want to make a few friends when I go with me, I want to make a few friends of the same kind, and those in the association, etc., don’t let it go. You have to assign personnel and who will attack each part.

Fourth, find potential customers.

Who are your potential customers? How many potential customers do you plan to collect? Of course, you can't say that the more the better, you have to set a target volume, so that you can consider how many people you want to bring? How much data to bring? To distinguish who are potential customers and which ones are for fun ;Second, it is important to keep it, otherwise it will be gone in a rush, and it will be too late to remake it. When the manufacturer comes in the next few days, your business card and data are also gone, so you must protect your resources. .

Fifth, product introduction.

For those who are interested in talking, if you think there is a chance to catch him, invite him to sit down and talk, and then you must give him complete information. For potential customers, you have to try to get him to leave information. How to leave it? Have seduction skills, what does everyone like? For example, leave a business card, fill in the information, and have a chance to win a prize.

Sixth, expand brand awareness

In order to standardize procurement behavior and avoid human inappropriateness, large enterprises adopt bidding methods.

In addition to public relations, small and medium-sized enterprises must also join the bidding ranks to strive for good projects and good users. Bidding is the way to go.

This popularity is of course reflected in the level of the exhibition you are participating in; in addition to the booth, it is also related to the dress of your personnel and your gifts. Try to make others have an impression of your brand. Such as gifts he will not throw away, will keep for use. In the past, when computers were booming, many manufacturers sent mice, and on the package was his website and a brief introduction to the company. Since the customer is reluctant to throw it away, he can put it there and watch it every day. Sending something different can increase brand awareness and presence. It's a great exercise for your people to go out to the show, they can learn a lot, but they do need to be organized.

Seventh, consider the whole thing and make it back.

It is very tiring after participating in the exhibition, so you need to find a good time and place to eat, where the toilet is, and where you live. In addition, what is your contact network? Who cares about transportation and all aspects of the arrangement should not be ignored. In short, you must be good at participating in exhibitions. Even if the booth is beautifully done, other things are very weak. It doesn't always work out once. Participating in an exhibition takes time and effort, be sure to earn it back.

Eighth, finally, according to the effective information, follow up after the implementation of the meeting.

If you talk after the meeting, you have to pay attention. If you collect 400 customer information, generally speaking, you will forget it soon after attending the meeting, and you will lose excitement, three to five days, or two weeks at most. So you have to do the follow up within 5 days. One person can make ten calls a day, so you have to give them the system and assign the list to them. If there are local customers who also come to the exhibition, you should continue to visit them for a few days. So you must master this part of the follow-up after the meeting.

Strategic partner sales skills

The last skill is called strategic partner selling skill. This is the highest level of customer relationship management, which is to establish long-term partnerships. There is a motivation point here, which is to let customers share the benefits.

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