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Nate‘s staff learning never ends

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   Nate is a company that always provides employees with a learning platform, allowing employees to continuously improve their internal and external cultivation, and to go better and better on the road of sales.


   As the exhibition is approaching, we held an exhibition simulation exchange meeting in the exhibition hall. It is carried out in the form of a dialogue with the salesperson after the customer enters the site. Show the scene as vividly as possible.


   The members of each group had a heated conversation. Finally, the judges gave the scores and gave the top three small prizes for encouragement.

Although this is just an internal mock meeting, each member is fully prepared. Not only can you learn knowledge from your own expressions, but you can also learn useful words in the process of communicating with other colleagues. Coupled with the sharp comments and guidance of the judges, the effect of the simulation meeting has been further improved.

   We have such learning opportunities almost every month. Therefore, Nate is not only a platform for making money, but also a platform for providing learning opportunities for everyone.

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