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Nate's college entrance examination-fitter's certificate examination

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We just bid farewell to the college entrance examination a few days ago, and today We have ushered in the annual senior high school entrance examination. Although an exam can't determine a person's future life, it is inevitable to enter an excellent university. Therefore, the candidates still study hard and take the exam.

With the wind of this exam, Nate Drive Technology Co., Ltd. also ushered in the "senior high school entrance examination"-the advanced work permit exam today.

In fact, there are not many exams for leaving school as adults. Without the constraints of the school, the momentum may not be so great. However, Nate candidates still attach great importance to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. From serious training to attending classes, to studying hard and doing practical work. "Candidates" take them seriously.

I believe those who work hard will definitely give full play to their best level in this afternoon's exam.

Once again, I wish every knight candidate can do well in the exam!


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