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Nate Shines in Moscow with High Quality Products

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In the early winter at the end of November, there was a white snow in Moscow. The so-called auspicious snow year coincides with Knight's participation in the furniture exhibition in Moscow from November 20 to 24, which is bound to usher in a beautiful year ending.

Nate in Moscow

In this exhibition, Nate Drive exhibited the unique wooden desktop sit and standing desk, single motor , back-to-back height adjustable desk, quick-mounting standing desk frame and hot-selling double-motor desk frame. The products are highly ergonomic, which not only protect your health, but also add a touch of beautiful decorative landscape to the office and study space.

During the development period, the customers who stopped to negotiate at Jiechang booth were in an endless stream, and the atmosphere at the scene was hot. The scene also attracted many cooperative customers and retailers from all over the world to come and consult and experience.

After more than 10 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Nate Drive has gradually gone global, striving to achieve manufacturing innovation and build a brand belonging to Nate.  At present, all-round automation of production has been realized, from raw material selection to lean production, and the quality of precision work has been cast with real materials. From overall scheme to professional after-sales, we continue to provide customers with professional and reliable customized services.

In the future, Nate will always maintain technological innovation, continue to focus on linear drive technology, develop new products to maintain market share at home and abroad, and increase the share of foreign markets, formulate clear and definite internationalization strategies, continuously improve the international popularity and export volume of products, and continue to provide customers with professional and reliable products and services.

The exhibition is still in full swing, welcome to visit Nate Drive Booth 8.3D60 ~

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