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NATE Drive Company Development Timeline

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naite drive

  • 2013, Establishment

In 2013, Nate Drive was established, focusing on the production and development of ergonomic standing desk. Nate brand was set up which is devoted to standing desk business. It makes health office more professional.

  • 2015, Independent research and development

We had an independent R&D team and R&D center to constantly optimize the old products and developed new products. Products were launched into the Domestic Market.

  • 2017, Market Expansion

Our team expanded overseas. We established a professional team to explored overseas markets and promoted NATE to the world.

  • 2019, Extending Business

NATE is liscensed as a High-tech enterprise. We expanded the team , recruiting professional e-commerce operation talents, and expanding the e-commerce market. NATE achieved inverse growth in sales.

  • 2020, Forge Ahead

NATE expanded its R&D Center and brought in experienced R&D engineers. NATE was named the street annual outstanding enterprise. NATE introduced quality system and past ISO 9001 Audit Standard.

  • 2021, Flourishing

NATE was rated as the Fifth Batch of Growth Enterprises in Zhejiang Province. NATE was selected as Ska Merchant of Zhejiang Region in 2021 by Alibaba International Station.

  • 2022, Looking to the Future

NATE expanded the production base, and moved to a new factory, with 6s managment landing. Into the future, we will face more changllenges, and will constantly improve the supporting system of Products and Services. Strengthened the construction of enterprise culture and improved the standardized management of enterprise.

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