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Modern office furniture is developing towards younger age

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With more and more young workers pouring into all walks of life, the current office style and environment have taken on a new face. In the development style of modern office furniture, it also reflects the state of tending to be younger. No matter in terms of style, function and placement of products, they all show modern and youthful elements.


1. The performance of rejuvenation

The form of modern office furniture mainly includes its craftsmanship and style. This is where many young workers in modern times attach importance to office furniture. Compared with those older workers, they are more aware of the environment and tools, and their minds and bodies are more affected by it.

For office furniture industry and style, they don't need to be complicated, as long as they are simple and fashionable, but they must be creative, especially some modern creative designs are especially popular with young people.

2. Rejuvenation of functions

Modern office furniture has different functions according to different types. Young people have more diversified functional requirements for office furniture. Because of this they will find it interesting, thereby increasing the usage rate.

Take the desk for example, the design that can automatically adjust the lift will make them feel novel and interesting. There are also some movable small parts on the desk, such as hanging pen holders, foldable document holders, and small desktop book compartments. These are especially popular with young female workers.

3, the youthful performance of the display method

Modern office furniture is very particular about the placement. In the past, people paid attention to being neat and orderly, and the office furniture was also designed to be fixed and tidy.

However, young people now have free and open requirements for the placement of office furniture, which requires office furniture to have a certain degree of flexibility and mobility. Just like the current screen desk, it can be placed in different patterns, which is especially useful in the LOFT-style space that young people like.

Last year was a very hot year for customized furniture. Customized furniture has achieved rapid development in my country. According to statistics, the market share of customized furniture in the furniture industry is about 20%, while developed countries have already exceeded 60%.

This also fully shows that customized furniture is still in the blue ocean period in the domestic market. In the next four years, the growth rate of the customized furniture industry will still be able to maintain a growth rate of more than 20%, and the scale of the industry will reach 166.6 billion in 2020.


Of course, customized furniture has all-round requirements for enterprises. Among them, it is necessary to improve the design and development capabilities, brand aspects, information application capabilities, sales service networks, large-scale flexible customization capabilities and other industry barriers.

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