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Mid-Autumn Festival is on September 18, 2021

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and when counting countless, the martial arts, the martyr martial arts, and the midst of our hearts, and the guns of reunion is more and more strong.

In the past, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the grand festival of the Chinese folk tradition. As long as it is a Chinese, it is destined to have a day fifteenth, and the moon is at this time. When people are gathered with their homes, enjoy the moon, they give the Mid-Autumn Festival like this, linked to the warmth of the world, let people feel the warmth, happiness and happiness of the family members, and bring the back of the hometown. The parsley with a strong hometown.


Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a festival full of beautiful legends, but also a festival full of poetry and painting. Since ancient times, there are many literati for it to write an immortal work, some ode to the moon, and by the moon shuhuai. Su Shi's "Water Tune Song Head" and Wang Wei's "September 9 Memories of Shandong Brothers" remind people of the homesickness and affection of a wanderer far away in a foreign land.


Of course, our company will not miss this wonderful festival, we carefully prepare the moon cakes and two boxes of fruit to send employees from all companies, and send them sincere Mid-Autumn Festival blessings. Everyone is full of enthusiasm, and the face is a smile. After get off work, everyone can't wait to take a gift to reunite, eat a dinner, eat moon cake, enjoy the moon ...



Everyone is in full swing to receive gifts


And our purpose is also reached. By festive active company atmosphere, abundant industrial restless life, realize the interaction between the company and the employees, close internal interpersonal relationships, active physical and mind, so that employees can be more exciting, more optimistic, more harmonious relationships . Consolidate corporate culture atmosphere.

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