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Matters needing attention when designing TV background wall

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The TV background wall can basically be said to be the face of the entire home decoration. It is the focal point of the entire living room and the main visual center of the living room; an excellent background wall will add points to the effect of the entire living room.

The storage cabinet type TV background wall, this kind of arrangement plan is a super large capacity storage cabinet, and then divided into storage areas with various functions, leaving a place in the middle to put the TV. It should be noted that the cabinet is either an open or hidden handle. Otherwise, the densely packed handles are very unsightly!


Another point is that the cabinet space reserved for the TV should be larger than the TV size, so that it will be convenient for future TV upgrades. Now TVs are updated quickly and the size is getting bigger and bigger. Paying attention to this detail, changing the TV will save a lot of trouble. 

The shelf-style TV background wall is the current popular trend. One or two rows of shelves are arranged above the TV cabinet, and some green plants or decorative paintings are placed. If the style of the living room is simple, then the shelf display cabinet will work very well together! It's just that the storage effect is still a lot worse than the storage cabinet.

The minimalist background wall does not require extra decorations and patterns, so that the background wall keeps the cleanest appearance. Brush with white latex paint to create a sharp contrast with the black TV, or brush with blue and green to make the living room more colorful. This layout is the coolest, but it will waste wall storage space.

If you watch less TV, but you have obsessive-compulsive disorder that requires a TV in the living room, you can try a hidden TV cabinet. The TV is hidden by sliding doors, and both sides of the TV can also be arranged as storage cabinets.

Now TV has been gradually replaced by mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., and more and more family living rooms no longer choose TV.

Now more and more people design their own background walls in this way. They are not in the habit of watching TV and buy a TV home as decorations. It is better to use decorative paintings.


Wood is a versatile material, which is most suitable with simple and modern style. The wooden board has the natural and simple texture of the wood. The modern and simple style needs a wooden background wall to neutralize the modern cold and hard feeling of the living room.

There are many different types of marble materials, textures, and shapes, which need to be matched with the home decoration style to play the icing on the cake. Marble gives people a high-end atmosphere and high-grade feeling, which is more suitable for large apartments.

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