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March 2019 New Trade Festival kick-off meeting

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March is the beginning of global trade activities. Alibaba NEW Trade Festival in March focuses on "NEW". Under the guidance of NEW products, NEW trends, NEW services and NEW markets, this festival will become a landmark moment in The commercial society of China and even the world.


Under the role of Alibaba's economic ecology, global business elements are mobilized and organized, and millions of brands, merchants and partners make profits and grow together.

 March new Trade Festival launch meeting

What did the passionate, full score kick-off bring us and what did it convey to us?


First, shopping malls are like battlefields, and this new trade festival is a battle, a fight to kill each other. In order to win an opponent, the best is to hit. War pay attention to morale, and exhaust again and again, a gas. Pre-war mobilization meeting, imperative, and through this meeting to inspire war will come out.


Secondly, the kick-off meeting is also a way for everyone to encourage each other, understand each other and understand how others complete such a performance. If the performance is good, it needs to be immediately shared and copied, so that more people know how to win.

March new Trade Festival launch meeting

March new Trade Festival launch meeting

March new Trade Festival launch meeting

Banners were hung outside

The oath was taken

The oath was taken

Third, pull oneself up far, you can see that no matter how passionate how magnificent words, their ultimate purpose is to give performance, performance is king. When the final goal is understood, the way in which the initiation will be used, the participants can maintain a burning calm. You can also see what the organizers are looking for.


Finally, passion is also clear, although short but very bright. It has its place. So don't look down on the Shouting and losing your mind at the launch. This conference is held to let each participating foreign trade personnel lit the torch of passion.

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