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Look back Nate was at FMC in Shanghai

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Sept.11-15, Nate was in Shanghai FMC. 


FMC Premium China 2023

It aims to provide excellent raw materials for the intelligent manufacturing of global furniture, and has the unique positioning of high-end exhibition. The exhibition area brings together leading brands and high-end exhibits in the industry, attracting the favor of many top exhibitors at home and abroad, with the help of national pavilions from the United States, Canada, Finland, South Korea, France, Sweden and other countries!

Focus on selecting the quality and original design ability of material suppliers, and solve the pain points of high-end manufacturing and original design of China design.

Nate and FMC

Although this exhibition, Nate's booth is relatively ordinary. However, thanks to Nite's excellent products, it has attracted many Chinese and foreign customers to visit and discuss in detail.

In this exhibition, we exhibited a new single motor, a wireless wooden desktop lifting table, a quick-loading table, and a table with a reversible desktop. Some foreign guests expressed surprise at our turnover table.

Nate quality, trustworthy quality.

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