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Korea Exhibition

Views: 1268     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-04-12      Origin: Site

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   As a major country in Asia, South Korea is bound to hold an exhibition in South Korea if we want to open up the Japanese and South Korean markets. There were a large number of companies participating in the exhibition and the number of visitors, which was very lively. As the leading enterprise of Shaoxing Blue Ocean, Nat Drive hopes to open the Japanese and Korean market smoothly.


electric height adjustable desk
electric height adjustable desk


At the show, Knight showcased his core flagship products. The appearance of our Nite lifting table is very simple and elegant, clean and neat, with automatic lifting function, and four or five gears can be adjusted by memory, which is easy to operate. It is a very good choice for company office or home office. Not only the appearance is simple and fashionable, but also the function is very useful, and the main product is very popular.


  At the exhibition, there were mainly visitors from Germany, not only domestic companies, but also many foreign companies were very interested in Nate products. The special lift table will be liked by more and more countries. .

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