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June 2, 2021 September Procurement Festival training

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"This is the best time for this year's China's foreign trade industry." On August 13, at the Global Launch Conference of the 20020 September, General Manager Alibaba International Station said.

20 million free buyer, 20000 game B live broadcast, 50% discount on performance services, data driver explosion ... September this year, the purchase festival of September this year has basically "spoiler".

As a foreign trade merchant, how to grasp the opportunity, let your business re-ignite? Then please follow the pace of the official, and use it together.


20 million full-ball buyers, 200,000 cross-border live broadcast, massive high-quality business opportunities come

The current global trade is rapidly digitized, and the traditional buyers and sellers have turned on the line. On the one hand, the side is accelerating fragmentation, and more and more new buyers are inflowing. How to transform this batch of new buyers with massive high-quality business opportunities?

In order to seize this opportunity, we invited the person in charge of the Ali International Station in the region to train us, and they give three suggestions:

1.Do a good job before promoting. Learn about big promotion gameplay, understand the big promotion chain gameplay, set up a live broadcast coupon;


Ali in charge of this area


Ali in charge of this area

2.Strengthen self-marketing. Familiar with basic self-marketing channels and tools, facing historical buyers to promote the propreating rights, and make an appointment buyers in front of the live interaction;

3. Guarantee the quality of interaction. During the big promotion, the high-quality inquiry response is guaranteed, and the live broadcast is high-level, and the characteristic play of live broadcast is increased to improve user viscosity.

"If the majority of businesses do these preparations before, I feel that whether it is the stickiness of the old buyer, or gets a new buyer, it is in place."

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