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July 2019 Outdoor barbecue group construction activity

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In order to enrich the entertainment activities of employees, promote mutual understanding between colleagues, enhance collective cohesion and teamwork spirit, and create a harmonious and positive enterprise atmosphere, a company organized an outdoor barbecue group construction activity in July 2019. At half past ten in the morning, we gathered at eleven o 'clock and set out by bus with great strength and vigour. All the way colleagues singing and laughing, high spirits, soon arrived at our destination.


Everyone can't wait to start cooking


Make delicious food


Make delicious food

Walking to the barbecue, friends can't wait to start the barbecue. The barbequers did their best to demonstrate their culinary skills. Fresh and juicy mutton, golden corn, fragrant roasted eggplant with garlic, refreshing roasted leek and so on hit the taste buds of friends again and again. After the barbecue, there are endless fruits, snacks, drinks, beer. While enjoying the delicious food, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the river and breathing the fresh air, I don't know how pleasant it is.

There was a happy atmosphere in the air. We were eating the delicious food cooked by ourselves and talking about all kinds of interesting things we met in our work and life.


The ingredients prepared


Small bridge water scenery

With everyone's laughter and laughter, the group construction activity was successfully concluded. Through this activity, not only let colleagues breathe the fresh air in nature, enhance the feelings among employees, but also show the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, harvest happiness, and add color to our work and life.

Then, thanks to the activities organized by the company, let our friends gather together, connect their hearts together, establish a big family of friendship and unity, as well as a harmonious, mutual assistance, happy working atmosphere.

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