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Is it Necessary to Buy a Standing Desk?

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Is it necessary to buy a standing desk?

The standing desk may be more unfamiliar for many people. Some countries in Europe and America have been very popular, such as Facebook and other companies have been using the standing desk.

In the country, I haven't seen any company to give employees with a standing desk, and it is estimated that the cost is higher than the general table cost. As an internet person, I hope that the company can give up to the messenger, so that I will work hard.

As for the subject, the standing desk is necessary to start, this is different from person. The core function of the standing desk is to lose down.

On the one hand, the table can be adjusted to the right height, sitting properly, suitable for many people in the family;

On the other hand, it can be adjusted to standing the height of the office, and it can stand on the office. For the long-standing group, this can reduce the damage of the part of the body and the neck. As for the hazard of the sedentary, I won't have explained it. Who is sitting who knows.

So, do you buy a standing desk

First, it is convenient to lift the lifting function of the reducing table. I have seen some people bought a small hand rising drop table. Every time I upgrade, I need to shake for a long time. Later, I didn't upgrade. So if you want to sit alternating, it is recommended to buy electricity, it is best to have a high degree of memory function, so a button can reach the specified height, don't have to take time to debug.


On the other hand, whether your job type is necessary to use lifting function. For example, I am sitting in the company all day. If I have been sitting alone on the weekend, I will have a healthy, at night and weekend sitting. Alternation is necessary for me. If you work too much in forgotten the station, it is best to choose a long-situ reminder. If you are a sales, you will run around the West, and you will not be necessary to sit alternate at home.

There is also a problem desktop unstable, this specific look at the table:

Lifting height: Most of the table is 2 legs, if the table rises high, it is inevitable to have a slight shake. If you don't have a high quality, you will not sway.

The number of legs of the table: The more stable, like 3 legs and 4 legs, but the more the table size of the legs, the larger people buy 2 legs, if they put them on the corner 3 legs The space is bigger, if you want the desktop, you will choose 4 legs.

For my own experience, the sustaining table is very powerful, after standing alternate, the legs and waist is significantly better than before.

A product that truly interested and use needs, on the basis of suitable prices, can we be called the cost performance. Of course, the cost performance is also a relatively concept, which may be cost-effective for more people.

First introduce a drop of the next day:

There are two common standing desk on the market, one is a single motor standing desk, one is a two-motor standing desk.

The lift of the electric rising table is generally driven by the motor. You know, just like a car engine, the engine drives the wheel, the wheel is rolling forward. This is also like this to drive the motor, which can be lifted. Single motor as the name suggests, only one motor-driven standing desk, the same double motor is two motor drivers.


The difference between single-motor standing desk and dual motor standing desk:

The biggest advantage of single-motor standing desk is cheap, which can make you experience the service of electricity and reducing tables, and the price is low, the tentacle is available. But the problem is also the same, the load weight of the single motor is limited, the rise is not as stable, and the speed is relatively slow. However, the motor technology of each vendor is different, and some manufacturers can make a smooth security.

Double motor standing desk rely on two motors, power is full, not only has undertaken sharply, but also faster and more stable. Of course, the double configuration brings a higher price. Generally, the price of dual motors is much higher than that of single motor standing desk, corresponding, functional configurations will be more abundant.

It is said that the money will not be lie. If you are ashamed, you want to experience the electric standing desk, choose a suitable manufacturer is a good choice. If you have more budget funds for electric liters, I believe in money, the dual motor standing desk will not let you down.

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