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Is a standing desk worth buying?

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1.Where is it used? Who with?

Usually, the standing desk is suitable for office or home use

Applicable groups are generally distributed in: office workers who use computers for a long time every day, especially IT practitioners, financial practitioners, lawyers and so on. In addition, the student community also suggested giving priority to standing desks when conditions allowed.

2.why to choose the standing desk?

The above has listed it is necessary to start with the standing desk groups, the most significant feature of these groups is almost every day in a sedentary life, and sedentary life seems to be the most comfortable posture, in fact, the damage to the human body is very large. According to statistics, sitting for long periods of time can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and a range of spinal problems associated with sitting improperly. These problems can be improved by sitting and standing alternately at the standing desk.


3. see whether the advantages of standing desk to meet the needs

(1). Alternate sitting and standing. If you sit for a long time, stand up to work. Standing after sitting for a long time can effectively help promote blood circulation and make your tired brain instantly awake, thus improving work efficiency.

(2). Flexible lifting, can be adjusted to the appropriate height according to the height of the user. Whether the company's desk or the children's desk may have some deviation from the most comfortable height of the human body, but these desktops because of the fixed want to adjust is impossible, can only rely on the human body to adjust posture to meet the desktop, in the long run, will develop unhealthy sitting posture. The table top can be flexibly adjusted so that you can adjust the height of the table to meet the most comfortable and healthy sitting position.


4.See whether the shortcomings of the standing desk can be accepted

(1). Price: the price of the standing desk is generally on the high side, so it depends on whether the capital budget in your hands is appropriate. It is recommended to use the principle of cost-effective optimization in screening.

(2).Stability: The stability of the standing desk is relatively poor compared with ordinary tables, but some of them are well handled in stability, such as Nate's electric standing desk has a very good stability effect.

The biggest difference between electric standing desk and ordinary desk, table and desk is that it can be lifted freely. The height of the desktop from the ground can be high or low, and it can meet the free switch of sitting working to standing working. Such desk, the sedentary state that can give duty field person, student soldier "draw a salary from the bottom" -- stand, sit undertake alternately, can be in union of labor and rest when working bachelor for long, shoulder of neck waist also can get greatly slow rest.

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