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Inauguration Ceremony of Xinshenghui

Views: 1432     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-03-01      Origin: Site

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     New Shenghui is a conference held by Alibaba in Shengzhou to promote the development of foreign trade enterprises. The participating members are all leading foreign trade enterprises in Shengzhou. Knight Drive is also involved as one of the members.



     In the meeting, the chairman of Shaoxing Nate Drive Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the chairman of Xinshenghui, and the chairman will lead the other members into a new stage of the beautiful journey.

     There are many people participating in the meeting, and everyone is actively sharing, actively learning, and a thriving scene. New Shenghui is held every year, and all outstanding foreign trade enterprises in Shengzhou are welcome to attend.




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