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In the 5G era, what kind of office furniture are smart?

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Smart office has become one of the furniture industry’s trend. We demand smarter, more ergonomic and comfortable office appliance. Smart office experience is everyone's pursuit.

Smart Office Tools Regulations

Intelligent office furniture refers to the guidance of relevant basic theories (artificial intelligence, information theory, cybernetics, system theory, etc.) on the basis of traditional office furniture design theory; with the help of relevant application technologies (information technology, microelectronics technology, sensor technology, Intelligent control, servo drive technology, etc.), through appropriate structure and interface technology, simulate human intelligent activities or automatically realize a specific function, and at the same time organically combine with other office-related subsystems to finally achieve more comfortable office. This is for the purpose of safety and high efficiency.

Electric Lifting Desk

Features of smart office furniture

(1) Take the functionality of office furniture as the main factor in the design.

(2) Utilize modern advanced technology and a variety of new materials and processing techniques, such as stamping, die casting, injection molding, thermosetting forming, chrome plating, spray painting, baking varnish, etc. New materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy sheets, pipes, glass fiber reinforced plastics, hard plastics, leather, nylon, plywood, and bent wood are suitable for industrial mass production requirements.

(3) Give full play to the material performance and its structural characteristics, and show the inherent shape, color and quality of the material.

(4) Combined with the requirements of use, pay attention to the simplicity of the overall structure and formations, and eliminate unnecessary decorations.

(5) Free from the constraints and influence of traditional office furniture, a large number of unprecedented new forms have been created under the conditions of using new materials and new technologies, and revolutionary achievements have been made, marking a new contemporary culture and aesthetics idea.

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