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Improve office efficiency and keep healthy

Views: 3491     Author: WENDY     Publish Time: 2021-11-30      Origin: Site

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Under the influence of COVID-19, people are paying more attention to health and hygiene while pursuing office efficiency. Health is the capital of the revolution, once the health collapsed, and then want to office life is powerless. The question is, how can we improve our productivity at the same time as taking care of our bodies?


First of all, bad office posture is easy to cause some diseases produce, because of the office with computer in their line of sight below position, some workers in the office will be the head of the habitual office looked at the Angle of the lower screen, a bad work habits in the long term will be void after will increase probability we suffer from cervical spondylosis, After getting cervical spondylosis, it will cause insufficient brain blood supply, dizziness and shoulder pain and other problems. When these problems are more serious, your office efficiency will naturally decline obviously.



Developing a healthy posture is the most effective way to solve this problem. Just keep the screen parallel to your eyes while you are sitting upright. To maintain this healthy habit for a long time, we need some props. The purchase of electric standing desk is a good plan, as long as we will adjust the standing desk to a reasonable area, we can always maintain a healthy posture for office, from the removal of bowed heads this bad habit label.


And in the purchase of electric standing desk, we need to refer to the following aspects:


1.Long sitting office is easy to produce waist acid obesity or fatigue and other problems, serious words may also appear cardiovascular disease. Therefore, we need to stand properly for a while to avoid sitting for a long time in the office. Therefore, the range of adjustable lifting Settings is large, and you can maintain a healthy office posture when sitting or standing.


2. The standing desk to accord with the ergonomic design, can make the office operation comfortable, there will be no elbow pain and other problems, at the same time, the bearing index of the desktop can not be low, put on the laptop computer or chassis and other hardware equipment can not appear shaking phenomenon, otherwise it can outweigh the loss.



3. The lifting adjustment should be convenient and easy to use, caton-type lifting adjustment experience is not good, slow lifting speed will affect office efficiency, so the adjustment process should be fast and smooth. And the noise should not be noisy, otherwise good mood is easy to fall to the bottom.


4.A period of time ago formaldehyde poisoning event made a great deal of noise, we also want to consider environmental protection factors when purchasing electric standing desk, because it is also an important part of protecting our health.


And the Nate standing desk fits all the bill. It's a better office than you might think, tackling the health risks of sitting too much and bowing your head.

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