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Hundred Regiments

Views: 5     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-02-26      Origin: Site

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  Knight Drive Technology Co., Ltd. holds a hundred regiments every year, which has a very good role in boosting the morale of the team and enhancing team cooperation.

  Knight drives a very passionate foreign trade sales team. Everyone in the team is an elite. The Hundred Regiments Battle can make the contact between the teams more intensive and strengthen the communication between team members. Everyone works hard for one goal, for their own sake. With the love and dreams in my heart, I believe that everyone has a bright future for development. 

   All students and teams wrote a letter of commitment to fulfill their sales goals in the Hundred Regiments Battle. You must do your best to accomplish the goals in the commitment letter. Life will not treat a person who works hard, and he will get very rich rewards after hard work. After the Hundred Regiments War, our business personnel will become better.





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