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How to store desks after the relocation of the enterprise?

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According to surveys, a clean and tidy desk can increase work efficiency by 25%, while a messy desk can disrupt a person's thinking, make people feel irritable, and naturally work efficiency is also greatly reduced. So, how to store the desk after the enterprise relocation?


Clean up the unnecessary office garbage on the desk and clean it up regularly, once a week or once a month, so as to ensure that everything on the desk is useful and the desk will not appear cluttered.

Divide the item area, divide the desktop into several areas according to the different classification of items, and each area has its own role to place different types of items.

Small items are easy to lose when piled on the desktop, it is very difficult to find when using, and the desktop will also appear very messy. The function of sundries storage is to collect small items and sort them into storage, so that you won't waste too much time looking for things when you use it.

The various wires wound on the table are messy and messy after cutting. You need to use the wire storage box to straighten out your wires and thoughts.

The computer rack can not only elevate the computer, but also protect the necks of urban white-collar workers. It can also store items such as folders, notebooks, books, and glasses cases.

The average area of the desk space is about 1 square meter, how can it fit so many things? This means that some items need to be "on the wall". The hole plate can be fixed on the baffle on the side of the workstation, and can be hung with pen holders, tissue boxes, rubber bands and so on. If you are usually forgetful or need to deal with more things, you need to post a memo to remind yourself when to do something and improve work efficiency.

According to the characteristics of scattered, multiple, and miscellaneous files, classifying them, and sorting out the used files that need to be saved in time can greatly improve work efficiency.

The desktop shelf in the office can mainly choose to place items such as tea cups, books, materials, paper and pen, and if conditions permit, you can also place your own photos and favorite potted plants for some decoration.

The function of the washed kraft paper bag is mainly to put some small snacks, fruits, etc., which is safe and environmentally friendly.


The last step of the desktop storage is to be able to maintain the appearance of the first day of storage. Many people bought a lot of storage tools and spent a lot of time to organize them. Within a few days, the desktop was still messed up. The reason is that after storing, the items are not returned in time when they are used up, which causes the final desktop to be as it was at the beginning. Therefore, we must maintain a clean office environment to the end, and pay attention to the habit of tidying up at any time.

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