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How to solve the collision problem of office desks and chairs

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Office desks and chairs are used the most every day. It is inevitable that there are bumps and bumps. If you don't solve it, it looks uncomfortable, and you don't know what to do if you solve it.


The use of office desks and chairs, just like human growth, requires regular visits to doctors and nursing staff. However, for office desks and chairs, there are some very simple small problems. It is a bit uneconomical to send them to see a doctor. Do it yourself and everything will be done!

Question 1: The drawers of tables and chairs will wear out if they are used for too long.

This is caused by the lack of candle oil in the rails. You can use an electric iron to iron the candle oil on the drawer so that the oil slowly blends into the wood surface. The wooden surface can be treated on both sides. Try to see if it goes smoothly right away.

Question  2: The paint on the desk is peeling or dirty.

If the paint comes off, you can fill in a small amount of advertising paint, and then apply a layer of varnish. When the surface of the desk and chair is soiled, you can apply a layer of paint on the stained surface. When it is not dry, wipe it off with a cloth with wax water, and the stain on the desk and chair will quietly disappear. 

Question 3: Rust stains on metal furniture

Descaling of metal office furniture: This problem has occurred. Don't panic. Grab a small amount of sewing machine oil on the gauze, gently wipe off the rust stains, and then clean it thoroughly with No. 1 fine water sandpaper. Finally, apply paint and turpentine evenly on the rust in a ratio of 2:3 for maintenance.

Descaling of electroplating office furniture: You can use a cotton cloth dipped in engine oil to apply to the rusty part of the office and chair, and then wipe it back and forth. You will find that the rust is gone.


Question 4: Regarding glossiness

This should be a problem that many office furniture will encounter. There are two ways to restore the luster of the paint: First, use half a cup of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar, and gently wipe with a soft cloth. Secondly, wipe once or twice with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol or toilet water and tea, and then wipe the floor wax, and then our office furniture will be restored to its new state!

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