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How to reasonably customize office furniture in a small office space

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An office space is usually used by several people, and then many departments are divided according to the work content, and office furniture with corresponding functions is customized. Among them, in addition to the staff office area and the management office area, the customization of office furniture is the top priority. How to reasonably customize office furniture in a small office space?


1. Small size fits more space pattern

The first thing a small office solves is the layout problem. Because the space is small, when customizing office furniture, the convenience of the space should be considered, so that people will not be restricted when moving in it, and there is enough freedom.

According to previous experience, it is suggested that the size of office furniture in small offices should be reduced to standard specifications, the volume is reduced but the functions are retained. The shape of the office furniture should be embedded in the design to ensure that it fits the building body to achieve the best space utilization.

2. More detailed and simplified functions

Because the office space is small, the functions of office furniture should not be too many. The functions should be simplified, and the unnecessary functions should be removed as much as possible, leaving practical functions.

The functions that are left frequently used should be more detailed and compact, and the details should be more perfect in the case of meeting the needs of use. It is guaranteed to match with the overall space style, reflecting the exquisite and delicate beauty. For example, adding some ornamentation and engraving, or integrating two related functions into one.

3. Peaceful and elegant style

A small office space can easily give people a sense of depression. At this time, the atmosphere created by office furniture can be well adjusted and relaxed, which is mainly reflected in the style of office furniture. People's mood can effectively resist the depressive influence of the outside world in a relatively calm state.

The elegant, peaceful, clear and clean office furniture style can play an invisible expansion space in a small office, and relieve the psychological effect from the visual sense. It can also be matched with some small green plants to achieve better results.

Innovation is the focus of the decoration design of a small office space. The staff desks are made to order, and the office is simple, complete, and full of rhythm. This requires the innovation of the designer to be tested.

For micro and small enterprises, the overall office area may be small. Therefore, it is not recommended to make some rigid high partitions for this environment. If the originally small area is divided into a space the size of a tofu block, it is easy to emotionally affect the industry. Depressed.


It is recommended to adopt the invisible partition wall in general or hollow mode. Hollow partitions and glass partitions can extend the space well and expand the field of vision. In terms of color and style, it is recommended to choose some simple and clear ones as much as possible.

Although the office space is small, it also needs to have all the five internal organs. Customized office furniture in small office space needs to be carefully considered to create a reasonable and practical space effect in the limited space resources.

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