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How to maintain the confidential file cabinet daily

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How to maintain the confidential file cabinet daily? Confidential filing cabinet is a new type of international furniture in the work system of modern enterprises in our country. It not only acts as an anti-theft, but also acts as a working environment for decoration companies. The main function of the password cabinet is to store valuables. Therefore, the maintenance and protection of the confidential file cabinet is essential.


Many people think that the company's confidential filing cabinets will be fine when they buy the studio, and they only need to be able to maintain a clean. In fact, this is not the case. Confidential filing cabinets are also the same as some other things. Daily protection and maintenance are required, so that the lifespan of confidential filing cabinets will continue to increase. So let's learn about the common sense of the maintenance and protection of confidential file cabinets for our country.

The first is local conditions. The confidential file cabinet has a certain degree of moisture despite the hard work of cold-rolled steel. If it is in a humid, corrosive gas environment, in strong sunlight or ultraviolet light for a long time. And will more or less crack, fade, discolor plastic, aging, rust, oxidize, and unstable electronic components on its surface, which may cause malfunction.

Therefore, we want to handle the application of the confidential file cabinet with better product quality and a longer service life of the network. The confidential file cabinet should be placed in a room at room temperature to maintain its normal operation. When you need to pass through the mobile communication security file cabinet, try not to drag it to avoid damage to the paint surface.

In addition, when placing the secret file cabinet, try to avoid touching hard objects to avoid scratches on its exterior, which will affect the appearance and quality of the secret file cabinet.

Secondly, the key to the maintenance and protection of confidential file cabinets is to develop cleanliness. For a stubborn stain, you can scrub the exterior with a detergent. It must be scrubbed with a clean soft cloth frequently. If there are students who have strong stains, they can be scrubbed with a few detergents, and then we can wipe them dry with a clean cloth immediately.

Finally, talk about the battery in the confidential filing cabinet. Secret file cabinet batteries generally use 5AAA high-quality non-leakage alkaline batteries. Pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the battery when placing the battery, and place it according to the positive and negative polarity marks on the battery box. If you do not use the confidential file cabinet for a long time, please remove the battery from the battery box.


Confidential File Cabinet is committed to companies seeking high-quality security for people who want to protect their lives, providing them with a variety of humanized, safe and reliable safe products, and providing them with a strong security technology guarantee for people's secret data file system!

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