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How to judge the quality of office furniture?

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Facing the current homogenization of the office furniture market, if you are a novice who knows nothing about furniture, you will feel unable to start when buying furniture. Because even if it looks the same, it may be a defective product. How should we judge the quality of office furniture?


1. Tasteless furniture

Most office furniture on the market are finished products made through industrial processing and other processes. The wood used in general furniture will have a little smell. If the smell is unpleasant, the quality of the raw materials and paint used is usually not good. If it smells obvious or pungent, don't ask for it. Normally, it smells of wood, not strong nor pungent.

At present, the harmful substances in furniture are mainly free formaldehyde released from wood-based panels and adhesives, and soluble lead, chromium, cadmium, and mercury in furniture paint films. When purchasing furniture, special attention should be paid to the above-mentioned limit standards.

2. Look at the report certificate to buy office furniture

The formaldehyde content of wooden office furniture cannot be greater than 1.5 mg/L. Generally, regular manufacturers on the market will have a national standard "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Interior Decoration Materials and Furniture" certificate reports. If not, it is recommended not to buy. If there is a certificate report, the relevant test report of the standard E1 level should also be selected.

3. Look at the details to buy furniture

From the point of view of workmanship, it mainly depends on whether there are defects such as scratches, creasing, blistering, degumming, peeling and glue marks on the surface of the board. The wood grain pattern should be natural and smooth, and attention should be paid to the color matching and texture of the furniture.

At the same time, observe whether the desk will have unevenness such as tilting and sinking. The sides, surfaces, and decorative parts of the furniture mainly depend on whether the coating is uniform, whether the structure is firm, and whether the trim is smooth. The side panels, door panels, drawer panels and other end surfaces of the components are complete without gaps.

When buying a desk, look for defects such as scratches, creasing, blistering, degumming, peeling, and glue marks on the surface of the furniture material. Also pay attention to whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth.


The design and structure of the furniture are related to the comfort and stability of the furniture. If there is an unreasonable design in this respect, it will have a bad impact on people's experience. Moreover, the safety of furniture cannot be fully guaranteed, so you may wish to check the design and structure of the furniture more, and the quality is good or bad at a glance.

Of course, there are many ways to distinguish the quality of office furniture. You can decide for yourself according to the actual situation. In short, you must be cautious when buying office furniture!

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