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How to effectively control the moisture content of office furniture?

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The moisture content standard of wood office furniture is one of the factors that constitute the basis of good quality office furniture. Whether the moisture content of office furniture meets the standard determines whether the office furniture will have quality problems such as deformation, warping, structural looseness, and loose parts. How to effectively control the moisture content of office furniture?


1. Control of wood moisture content

First of all, we must control the moisture content of wood, that is, before manufacturing office furniture, we must choose wood with moisture content up to the standard.

Under normal circumstances, the newly purchased wood is not up to the standard, so the office furniture manufacturers will pass heating, dehumidification, drying and other multiple treatments, and finally meet the qualified standards. In the industry, the initial moisture content of wood should be controlled within 6%, and the initial moisture content of wood for non-polished furniture should be controlled within 8%.

2. Placement of dry adaptability

The wood with the moisture content up to the standard cannot be used immediately. It must be placed for drying adaptability so that the wood properties of the wood can be adapted to the current dryness before it can be used for the manufacture of office furniture.

3. Water content control in the production process

The length of the production cycle directly affects the moisture content of the wood products, so the production is rationally organized to make the moisture content of the wooden structural parts balanced at the same time.

The woodworking assembly stage is mainly to assemble parts. Some parts that cannot be machined (such as engraving parts, curved surfaces) must be sanded by hand and carried out in the woodworking workshop.

Therefore, the woodworking workshop must process the parts that require secondary processing for a product. In some furniture glued with glue, it is best to put it in a place with heating facilities. Doing so can increase the speed of glue curing and reduce the moisture absorption of wood. When all the parts are available, the assembly speed of the finished woodwork is generally relatively fast.

4. Use paint and other coatings to control the moisture content

In order to ensure the stability of the moisture content of wooden office furniture, it will not be affected by the humidity in the environment of transportation, storage, and use. The surface of wooden office furniture is painted with paint or other coatings, which is equivalent to a protective film on the office furniture, which can effectively resist external moisture.


5. Humidity control of storage environment

Wooden office furniture needs to be stored after manufacturing, and the humidity in the wood storage environment will affect the moisture content of the office furniture. Therefore, office furniture manufacturers generally use dehumidifiers, exhaust fans and other equipment to dehumidify to ensure that the moisture content of the environment is controlled below 8%.

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