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How to distinguish the quality of the lifting desk?

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How to distinguish the quality of the lifting desk which is better? In fact, there are many manufacturers now, and they will provide us with some more needs when they produce lifting desks. According to some personal choices, we can also use different methods to understand clearly how to choose the one that suits us.


Lifting desks can be compared when purchasing, for example, to see which manufacturer's lifting desks are of guaranteed quality and relatively favorable prices, and even consumers have provided more suggestions in the process of using them.

Electric and manual are really a completely different experience. The electric lifting desk can be automatically raised and lowered by pressing the button or remote control, and the functions are very complete. The advantage of manual is that it is cheap and can be adjusted when the power is off.

But it is a bit troublesome to do it yourself, especially the one-time fixation is very troublesome. If you want to adjust after fixation, you need to move things away and spend a lot of time to adjust the height and level the desktop. One lifting operation greatly affects the mood. So if there is no shortage of money, it is recommended to choose electric, which is more convenient.

The motor is the heart of the desk and directly affects the quality of the desk. The lifting is sdesk and not durable, and it is controlled by the rotation of the motor. The single motor is to install a motor on one side of the leg of the lifting desk, and the other side of the leg is lifted and lowered by the connecting rod.

The double motor is equipped with a motor on both sides of the pusher, and the two sides are raised and lowered at the same time through the middle controller. Compared with the single motor, the double motor lifts and lowers more stably, smoother, more power, stronger load-bearing, and more durable.

The legs of the lifting desk are generally two-section and three-section. The more the number of sections, the greater the height range the desk can be raised and lowered. In order to adapt the desk to more scenes, it is recommended to choose 3 sections.


The installation sequence of the desk legs is also different. The bottom of the formal dress is thick and the top is thin, just like the hand extension of the selfie stick. This kind of overall stability is better and more beautiful.

The upside-down is thick on the top and thin on the bottom. It feels a little top-heavy. The advantage is that the left and right stability of the desktop is good, but if the anti-leakage design is not good, there may be oil leakage problems.

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