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How to design a custom TV cabinet?

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The longer you live in the house, the more chaotic it will be. Often, the most chaotic thing is not the bedroom or the kitchen, but the most important place, that is, the living room. Why is it so messy? Is it because the storage was not done? The living room area needs to be designed in place at the beginning, so let's arrange the matching of custom TV cabinets! So, how to design a custom TV cabinet?


How to design a custom TV cabinet? First of all, we need to look at the specific living room structure. Large living rooms have relatively smaller limitations for the design of TV cabinets. On the other hand, for small apartments, more attention should be paid to the design of TV cabinets. How should it be designed specifically?

The first is the large living room. When customizing the TV cabinet in the large living room, you need to pay more attention to the overall sense. If you want a more atmospheric living room, the TV cabinet can be designed to be embedded on the whole wall, so that the atmosphere does not take up space.

In the design of the small living room TV cabinet, it is necessary to pay attention to the sense of living space, not to appear depressing, so when customizing the TV cabinet, remember the whole. Some designers who are not very professional will suggest that you want to customize the whole wall style if you want to improve storage.

But this is easy to appear depressed, and it also increases the cost of customization. The combination design of low cabinets and wall cabinets is designed. The scattered design is more layered and can also store things. It is good-looking and practical, which is very suitable.


In fact, there are many factors that affect the design of the TV cabinet. In addition to the size of the living room mentioned above, there is a more direct decoration style at home. There are many styles of home decoration. Customized TV cabinets should be consistent with the style. Simple style home TV cabinets are simple and relatively light in color. The American style is meticulous and distinctive in shape, etc. The design of TV cabinets of different styles is also very different.

Do you want to install a TV cabinet? How to design a custom TV cabinet? The above is what I share with you. I hope that you can live for decades and be as clean as ever and have a warm home environment.

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