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How to choose their own standing desk?

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The biggest difference between electric standing desk and ordinary desk, table and desk is that it can be lifted freely. The height of the desktop from the ground can be high or low, and it can meet the free switch of sitting working to standing working. Such desk, the sedentary state that can give duty field person, student soldier "draw a salary from the bottom" -- stand, sit undertake alternately, can be in union of labor and rest when working bachelor for long, shoulder of neck waist also can get greatly slow rest. So how to choose their own standing desk?


Different standing desk choice, according to the individual working environment and work habits to select. The more expensive the bigger the better, but the more suitable for their own better.



Work with a standing desk


Work at a regular desk

1. Spatial factors


The space factor is very important when buying a table. To decide whether to buy a desk or a counter, you need to see if your workspace can accommodate another desk. Do you need to change the table at home?


After determining whether the desk or desk, to choose the size you buy. It's a good idea to start by measuring how much space you have left for a table or counter. Each model comes in a different size.


2. Work habits


Next comes your work habits. How do you usually work? Is it one monitor or two monitors? Is it desktop or laptop? This will affect your choice of platform or table.


If you only need to put a display, then the conventional lifting platform is ok, with a display bracket can move the position of the use experience will improve a lot.


If you want to work with multiple screens, for example, some people use two monitors. Especially those who invest in the financial industry are often used to using two or more monitors. Then the choice of widened desktop lifting platform is more appropriate.



3. Performance selection


If you're in the mood for a new desk. Or there is extra space at home, want to buy a desk, then recommend the direct use of electric standing desk may be better, because the lifting table will be more stable than the lifting platform support, and the performance is more powerful.


If you pursue performance, speed, and smooth lift, I suggest you choose one with two motors. If the speed requirements are not high, choose hand-cranked is also good.

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