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How to choose ordinary office chair and engineering chair?

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The first thing we need to know is the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of ordinary traditional office chairs. The traditional office chair is a type of computer chair that we usually see. It is made of solid wood or board wood.


In a modern and fashionable home environment, you will often see some ordinary computer chair products made of metal materials. This type of chair can satisfy the user's usual use, short-term study, Internet access, and so on. However, it is not suitable for sedentary office workers, because most of their headrests and waist pillows are not adjustable. After sitting for a long time, they are prone to backaches and even feet numbness.

The ergonomic chair is an office chair designed in line with the subtle curve of the human body, which allows the user to work without any active adaptation of the body and spirit, thereby minimizing the use of tools. Fatigue.

The engineering seat has the characteristics of strong support and adjustable. The design of the headrest, lumbar pillow, and armrest is more prominent than ordinary seats for adjustability. The purpose is to adapt to the constantly changing sitting postures of people when sitting for a long time, and can play a role in guiding the sitting posture and maintaining a correct posture, which is more suitable for groups that need to sit for a long time. So I recommend choosing an ergonomic office chair.

There are so many engineering chair functions on the market, how to choose? The most important part of choosing an engineering chair is the headrest, lumbar pillow and safety.

The headrest has a headrest that can be adjusted up and down, and a headrest that can be adjusted up and down and the rotation angle of the headrest can be adjusted.

Armrests: There are fixed armrests, linkage armrests, and adjustable armrests. The 2D armrest can adjust the height of the armrest up and down. The 3D armrest can not only adjust the height of the armrest up and down, but also adjust the front, back, left and right. The 4D armrest not only has the 3D adjustment angle, but also can adjust the distance between the armrest and the chair surface inside and outside. The humanized design can conceal the different daily needs, and you can choose according to your needs.


The most important thing is the selection of air pressure rods. Air pressure rods must be selected with relevant quality inspection reports and qualified products that meet relevant regulations. Qualified air pressure rods have a stamp certification on them. The nitrogen concentration in a qualified SGS-certified barometric pressure rod is ≥90%, the tolerance can reach 200-250kg, and the 300,000 lifts will not cause damage, and it is safer and more reliable.

A good seat can not only bring you a comfortable sitting feeling, but also relieve the burden of sitting for a long time on the body. In general, choose office chairs to buy according to their own needs, and buy office chairs with regular brands and safety certifications. What suits you is the best.

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