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How to choose an electric lifting column manufacturer?

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Electric lifting column manufacturers are expensive in terms of price, how should we choose to buy? As consumers, we hope that the price of the lift desk we buy is more favorable and the quality is guaranteed.


Lifting desks have gradually become popular in people's daily lives, and are mostly used in various fields such as learning, office and entertainment. It usually includes a desk, a base and a lifting device, and the desk is connected to the base through the lifting device.

The power source of the lifting desk is provided by an electric motor. Once the motor is energized, it can drive the screw to push and pull the desk legs for raising and lowering. Generally, the legs of a lifting desk have a telescopic structure, that is to say, the outside of the legs is composed of two parts, which are respectively formed by sleeves of an outer tube and an inner tube.

There are screw rods, sliding blocks, limit support blocks and other parts inside the desk legs. The upper end of the screw is connected with the output shaft of the motor, and the lower end is connected with the limit support block. The limit support block is slidably fitted in the inner tube of the desk leg. The slider is threadedly connected to the middle of the screw, and the slider is fixedly connected to the inner tube. Inside the nozzle.

In this way, when the motor is started, the screw is driven to rotate. Because the sliding block is engaged with the screw thread, the sliding block is moved in the vertical direction, thereby driving the inner tube to move in the vertical direction to realize the raising and lowering of the desk legs.

However, the lifting desk legs of this structure have the disadvantage that: during normal use, the motor is in a power-off state, that is, the desk is stationary. However, the weight of the desk top and related parts, and the screw itself has no self-locking ability, causes the desk to have a downward pressure on the desk legs, causing the desk legs to have a downward trend. Therefore, after a long time of use, the desktop drops unconsciously, which affects the use.

And when we are buying this desk, we must choose the brand, because the quality of the brand is guaranteed, and there are many large brands on the market that can offer us to choose. It is the best choice for many people who have been working for a long time in the office for a long time.

So when choosing the manufacturer of the electric lifting column, we can also log on the official website to know which manufacturer is more suidesk, and even we can understand clearly what kind of evaluation consumers give after making a purchase.

It is only suidesk to choose a manufacturer with a higher evaluation. Lifting desks are the best boon for some office staff. Because we sit there for a long time and work, there will be some sub-health diseases, lumbar disc herniation and so on. Like this time, the lifting desk can stand for office work, or sit to raise the desk to the height we need.


When we select a manufacturer of electric lifting columns, we must understand whether this manufacturer has guaranteed quality during production. In terms of price, you can also compare with other manufacturers, and then choose, don't choose blindly. Because many manufacturers are different when they produce these lifting desks, the quality, size and color are different, so the price is also different. Choose this desk according to some design styles of our office.

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