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How to choose a safe and reliable electric lifting desk?

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1. Experience the lifting desk on site to avoid product defects

The final consideration when purchasing an electric lifting desk is to try it yourself. Since this desk can be raised and lowered automatically, then you can feel for yourself whether the lifting is smooth. If it is said that the electric mode is used for lifting, and it is found that it is not very smooth or the response is not sensitive enough, it means that this product may have flaws in quality, so don't choose it lightly. Only those products that can rise and fall smoothly, can rise quickly when they want to rise, and fall quickly when they want to fall, are products with complete functions.

2. Test report from authoritative department

Another thing to pay attention to when choosing an electric lift desk is whether there is a quality inspection report. If it is a product produced by a regular factory, it will definitely be equipped with a quality inspection report. This quality inspection report will give a detailed introduction to the quality and performance parameters of this product.

Since the principles used in lifting may be different, some use pneumatic lift, and some use hydraulic lift and so on. Then the safety factors of different lifting methods will also pass strict tests, and the corresponding test results will be attached to this test report.

Some are even able to issue a test report from an authoritative department. Products like this are of relatively good quality. When choosing this kind of product, packaging should be considered. If it is a qualified product, then the packaging box should be very qualified and regular. And the specific effective shelf life or effective use date of this product can be clearly written on the packaging box.

And the seller will take the initiative to provide you with an invoice. Having this invoice means that you have the proof to purchase the product. If you have any problems in the future, you can ask the manufacturer for an explanation.


3. There must be a complete manufacturer's production address, name and trademark information

When everyone is buying a lifting desk, be sure to look at the regular products. The so-called regular products come from regular manufacturers, and this kind of product has the corresponding manufacturer's information. And don't buy the kind of three-no products without information. Because the quality of commercial products cannot be guaranteed. When something goes wrong, rights protection is also very troublesome.

Therefore, we must buy products from regular manufacturers. Such manufacturers have certificates of conformity when they sell their products, and all have information on the manufacturer's trademark and the manufacturer's production address and name.

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