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How to choose a TV rack?

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Usually we install TV racks for two reasons, one is for the beauty of the family living room environment. The second is to further save the area of our audio-visual space and realize the function of "hanging up" the TV. The space is saved and the safety factor of the TV is improved. However, it should be noted that the fixed bracket looks like a simple superposition of two steel sheets, but it is not without any technical content. What should we pay attention to before buying a TV rack?


First of all, if we buy a TV rack, we need to choose according to the size of our TV. Don't choose too large or too small. If it is too large, it is often easy to see the outline of the TV rack, and if it is too small, it is not easy to ensure that the TV can be hung stably. Be sure to choose a more appropriate TV set-up. The first choice is the aesthetic and practical considerations.

Secondly, the material of the TV rack is another important factor we consider. Especially if our TV is bigger and heavier, then we need to buy a TV rack with better material. The price of such a rack is generally higher, but the safety factor will be increased accordingly. Because the TV hanger will also experience aging after it has lasted forever, so everyone needs to understand this.

After that, there is currently a TV series hanger on the market called the primary TV hanger, which can be adjusted. The adjustment is mainly for the angle adjustment, this kind of TV hanger is still better. Because when we are watching, if the angle is not too good, we can make appropriate adjustments to make our watching more comfortable.

After that, there is still a kind of LCD TV hanger on the market. This kind of TV hanger is also very good and can be adjusted up and down and left and right. It can help us better adjust the viewing angle, which is more suitable for us to use. It is more practical and very good.

At present, there are professional TV hangers on the market. The advantage of this TV hanger is that the structure design is more reasonable, and the adjustment angle is also more reasonable. The price of professional TV racks is relatively higher, but the practicality and safety factor are relatively high.

Finally, the TV rack can help us save a lot of space. When we buy a TV rack, we need to consider the most important factor: safety factor. Don't just buy a defective TV rack and cause the TV to fall and break. This is not worth the loss. We all need to understand this.

After selecting the TV mounting position, we need to filter the functions of the TV rack. Generally, TV racks are divided into two types: multi-function and single-function. The single-function is just simple mounting and disassembly, not very much. The multifunctional hanger involves functions such as moving and tilting, as well as issues such as the strength and aging of the connecting parts, so you need to be more cautious when purchasing.

Don't blindly pursue foreign brands The material, weight, size and other standards of foreign TV manufacturers are quite different from those in China. This also makes it difficult for foreign TV racks to match domestically.


Don't be greedy for cheap. TV rack products are easy to imitate and manufacture from the appearance, but there is great care for the manufacturing process and materials. The load-bearing fatigue test of the large rack, the selection of the small one and the load-bearing torque test all require careful and thorough inspection.

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