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How to arrange the TV and sofa reasonably?

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The sofa and TV can be said to be the well-deserved protagonists in the living room. They are inseparable from chasing dramas and playing games. However, how can we make the sofa and TV layout more reasonable and enhance the daily experience? The following knowledge must be helpful to you.


To get the best TV viewing experience, the first thing to pay attention to is the distance between the sofa and the TV. Many people on the Internet say that the distance between the sofa and the sofa should be judged based on how many inches the TV is. However, this number is different.

My personal preference is that three times the height of the screen is the most suitable distance between the sofa and the TV. And with this calculation, no matter what size TV you buy, you can make a quick judgment on your own, and it doesn't seem to be prone to visual fatigue or indistinctness.

Of course, for 4K and above TVs, in order to achieve the best viewing effect, we can recently put the sofa at a distance of 1.5 times the height of the screen, and you can also watch clear images~

In terms of height, you only need to remember one thing-after you stand up, keep the TV below eye level, and sit almost parallel to the center of the TV. In this way, it not only guarantees the viewing experience, but also makes the room more spacious~

When choosing a TV location, we must first avoid the position facing the window. If you really need to use this space, then please set up blinds and full blackout curtains next to the window, otherwise it will be really dazzling.

We often use the L-shaped sofa, but did you know that it can still be placed like this? If your living room is small and cramped, you don't have to put it sideways, it is also feasible to put it upright toward the TV.

U-shaped sofas and TV layouts are also relatively rare, but if you set up sofas, coffee tables, and TV cabinets in this way, you can add a different and warm style to the living room.

In many one-family buildings in Japan, we can see this arrangement, placing the TV diagonally in the corner. The advantage of this is that it will not take up too much space at all, and the big guy like TV can be done by using the corner area, and the viewing will not be affected. So this design can also be used for reference.

In addition, in some single-room apartments, we can also set up a mobile rack to make the orientation of the TV more flexible. This is also a more reasonable solution in a small space.


In short, the placement of sofas and TVs is not something that can be said in a few words. I just hope that today's article will inspire the placement of sofas and TVs in your home.

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