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How to adjust the appropriate height of the desk

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The desk is where we work and study. When choosing a desk, in addition to considering the style, quality and color of the desk, we must also consider that the desk should meet the range of activities of our daily work and meet the basic requirements of ergonomic health. That is to say, when designing the desk, we should try our best to meet our activity rules, the structure size of various parts of the human body and the posture when using the desk to determine the size of the desk.


The height of the desk is one of the most basic dimensions, and it is also the primary condition for us to use the desk comfortably. The desk height is too high or too low, will make our back and shoulder muscles tense and cause fatigue.

Measured according to my country's normal human body height, the height of a desk is generally 740~780mm. Taking into account the active area of the legs under the desk, in order to adapt to the structure of the human body, the height of the desk should be added to the height of the office chair plus 280mm. Such a height can not only meet the requirements of our long-term desk work, but also adapt to the physiological characteristics of our body.

The width of the desk refers to the horizontal dimension facing the desk. Generally speaking, the width of the desk depends on the width of our shoulders and the range of movement of our arms when sitting down.

According to investigations and studies, the horizontal activity area when we sit and stand is usually only 390mm, but this ruler is obviously not enough for the width of a desk. Our desks must not only guarantee our activity needs, but also meet our needs for placing items.

The width of the desk is too small, which affects our placing of objects and effective work order. The width of the desk is too large to exceed the reach of the arm and affects work efficiency. So what is the appropriate width of the desk?

The most suitable width size is: when we sit in the middle of the desk, the left and right sides of the desk extend the length of the wrist as the desk width limit, so the more appropriate desktop width size is 1200~1800mm long. But because of modern offices, most of our office chairs are equipped with wheels. As the office chair slides back and forth, our range of activities has become wider, and the range of activities of the desktop has also been extended. Therefore, in the market, the size of some executive desks often exceeds 2000mm.


Improper depth of the desk will bring a lot of inconvenience and affect the use. According to national standards, the depth of the desk is generally 600~750mm.

For this kind of desk where two people face to face or use side by side, the size requirements should also consider whether the range of motion and range of motion of the two people will affect each other, and the desk should be widened.

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