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How to Choose the Best Standing for Yourself

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First of all, the most important thing is to set your own budget so that you don't tangle up in selection.

Secondly, the most important core component of the standing desk is the motor, which needs special attention. Highlight: the standing desk has two configurations: single motor and double motor. Both lifting speed, stability and load-bearing performance are better than single motor.

The height adjustable desk is mainly driven by the ceremony, and the mechanical device is controlled by the motor, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting the height of the standing desk. The lifting table is mainly divided into electric motor and double motor. The single motor is composed of a motor and a transmission rod. After the controller operates the motor to lift, the transmission rod drives the other side to realize synchronous lifting. A motor is installed on both sides of the double motor. The controller controls the motors on both sides to realize synchronous lifting.

When purchasing the adjustable computer desk, there are two or three table legs. The table legs are the basic support of the lifting table, which determines the lifting height of the lifting table. The main difference between two legs and three legs is that the lifting range is different. The more sections, the greater the lifting range. The lifting speed of dual motor is faster and more stable. Both the lifting speed and the stability at the highest point are better than that of dual motor.


The motor drive is the soul of the lifting table. The motor drive kit determines the speed, volume and service life of the lifting table. The single motor is similar to the front wheel drive of an automobile, and the dual motor is similar to the four-wheel drive of an automobile. Therefore, single motor is more economical, double motor has stronger power and greater load-bearing. From the price point of view, in the case of insufficient budget, single motor can be selected. From the performance point of view, double motor is preferred, with good performance in all aspects.

Table legs are the support of electric lifting table, so the selection of table leg materials is particularly important. Whether the desk as a whole is solid and stable and stable during lifting and lowering requires good desk leg material support. In addition, the load-bearing range should consider whether you have a multi screen office scene. The priority shall be cold rolled steel, aluminum alloy and ordinary steel.

Table board is generally divided into rectangular table board, concave ergonomic board, rubber solid wood table board, multi texture environmental protection table board and solid bamboo table board. Table board solid wood is better than toughened glass and environmental protection panel (multi-layer panel > particle panel. Particle Panel adds more adhesive, which is prone to environmental protection problems). Some product desktops can be customized and selected. Arc is more suitable for the body than square.


The lifting range refers to the maximum height and minimum height during the lifting action. The adjustable height range of the mainstream lifting table in the market is generally 60-120cm, which will vary from brand to brand. Auxiliary functions generally include resistance fallback, sedentary reminder, high memory and USB charging. The factors that should be considered from top to bottom should first be the number of people used at the same time, depending on the table size of the lifting table. The second is the budget. The cost of a lift table is about $150 to $700. Of course, there are a series of costs such as freight. When purchasing, you can contact the buyer to get a more accurate budget. In addition, it is necessary to consider the scene of using the lifting table and calculate the size in advance to avoid the impact of return and replacement. The head of the electric lifting table is highly competitive, and the industry is in a high development stage. The product iteration speed of the electric lifting table is very fast. The parameters of the electric lifting table in the past dynasties show that the lifting height range becomes larger, the lifting speed becomes faster and the lifting noise is less.

If you have a demand for electric lifting table and consider the above problems in combination with your own situation.

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