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How to Choose Children's Adjustable Learning Desk

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How to Choose Children's Adjustable Learning Desk


1. Lifting function:

Learn whether the learning tables and chairs can be lifted. Many people think that children grow fast. Buying a learning table may have to change a big one in a few years, but the height of a lifting learning table can be adjusted with the growth of children, so it doesn't need to change a learning table in a few years. Buying a learning tablewith better quality has no problem from a few years old to a teenager. In fact, it seems so, Even if you buy a study desk with thousands of yuan, it's still quite cost-effective.

children desk

2. Table tilt:

Whether the desktop can be tilted, and the tilt angle can be adjusted by several gears. The tilt of the desktop panel can adjust the child's reading angle and protect the child's vision and learning posture.

3. Table type:

There are two main types of study table, I-shaped and L-shaped. I-shape is that there is only one whole board on the desktop. When you want to tilt the desktop, all the items on the desktop have to be taken off. There is no fixed place to put some things, so it is not very convenient, but it also has a certain advantage that the learning table must be clean and tidy when learning; L-shape means that the whole table is divided into two areas. A smaller area is fixed and can not be tilted, which can be used to put things, and another larger area can be tilted. It is more convenient to divide into two areas.

4. Chair:

First of all, for the safety of children, the chair must be stable and not easy to fall, which requires that the base of the chair must be large enough. Secondly, whether it has its own gravity lock wheel design, so that children can sit up and learn without sliding at will.

5. Desktop pollution resistance

Children will use all kinds of school supplies when writing or painting, such as ballpoint pens, water pens, fluorescent pens, crayons and even ink, pigment pens, etc., which are easy to contaminate the desktop. Moreover, some children also like to write and draw on the desktop, which is difficult to remove for ordinary tables and chairs. Choosing a washable desktop will make it easier to clean and not afraid to dirty the desk.

The material of study desk and chair determines the safety and service time. Formaldehyde is probably the most important thing to pay attention to in furniture.

Content standard: Children's furniture must meet the national standard E1, the national standard E0 higher than the national standard E1.

children ergonomic desk

Therefore, we must buy learning chair with national standards E1 and E0. There are mainly two kinds of common materials for children's learning tables on the market: man-made board (including particle board and density board) and solid wood.

Compared with wood-based panel, the price of solid wood is relatively higher. If the budget is not enough, you can choose wood-based panel, but in fact, if the edge sealing of wood-based panel is done well, there is no harm, and the formaldehyde in it will not be released, so it is entirely possible to buy wood-based panel study chairs.

In terms of appearance, it is simple and generous as a whole, does not pick space, is suitable for multiple scenes, and there is no need to be afraid of small house types. In terms of safety, synchronous height, anti pinch design, and stable design of tables and chairs.

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