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How high is the computer office desk?

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How high is the computer office desk?

The office personnel are inseparable from the computer. You need to use your computer desk, a high-quality computer desk will make our work more smoothly and will protect our body.

1.Reasonable design

The design of the computer desk should be designed according to the principle of ergonomics. It must be in accordance with the rules of human movements and the scope of physical activity. The high design of the office chair is also very special. If the computer desk is unreasonable, people sitting in the computer desk will be very inconvenient and easy to fatigue.

2. Standard size

The standard size of the general computer desk is 100mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm. The size of the computer table is generally 400mm, 420mm and 440mm. The difference in high dimensions should be controlled between 280 mm and 320 mm as much as possible.


3. No more than 70 cm

The height of the general work desk cannot exceed 70 cm. If its height exceeds 70 cm, people are very tired during operation, so the high height of the computer is less than 70 cm.

4. Correct sitting

The design of the computer desk should follow two basic vertical directions. One is that the feet can be placed on the ground when people sit down, and the legs are in a vertical position. On the other hand, the hands are naturally sagged, the upper arm and the lower arm are in a vertical state, which is the most correct sitting position in the work.

5. Sitting

The best distance between people sitting and computer tables should be kept between 50 cm to 100 cm, so it is not easy to fatigue.

Of course, if there is a computer table that can be lifted, it is not only good for your health, but also people who are all kinds of people.


1.Help your health

Compared with the traditional work desk, the electric standing desk can adjust the height we need to adjust into our height. If the work desk is too low, long-term use will cause the spine and cervical vertebra. If the work desk is too high, long-term use may also affect our eyesight. Therefore, using the electric standing desk can master the right height and is beneficial to the user's health.

2.Suitable for people with different height

For traditional work desk, their height is fixed, but each of the heights and body of people using a work desk is different. Some work tables are too short for people who are tall, and may be too high for people with high short, whether it is too high or too short, will have a great impact on office efficiency. If you use an electric standing desk, you can solve the highly problem of highly problem, which is applicable to the groups of all kinds of height.

With the changes in the economic situation, the standing desk is in Europe and the United States. People pay more and more attention to good health, and those who use the reduction table will definitely be more and more.

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