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How does the factory carry out 6S management?

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6S management------refers to the continuous monitoring of the state of each production factor on the production site: 1.Tidy up (Seiri),2. Rectification (Seiton) ,

3.Cleaning (Seiso),4. Safety,5. Cleanse (Seiketsu) , 6.uplift one's Literacy (Shitsuke) management activities.

 So how to carry out 6S management?

Tidying up: Separating items into useful and useless items, and removing useless items from the job site to make "space." "Four Necessities": Time, Place, Items, Quantity. 

Value ≠ use value ≠ use value now.

Rectification: Reasonably determine the location and method of placing items, and carry out necessary identification. 

"Four determinations": fixed point, fixed volume, quantitative, fixed item.  

"Three elements": place, method, sign. The first point: determine the placement site (line positioning); Point 2: Specify placement method (hanging, embedded, stacked, etc.); Point 3: Identifying site items (labeling, color management, kanban management). Reorganization saves time and increases efficiency

Cleaning: Thoroughly remove rubbish, dust and smudges in the workplace (including equipment) to keep it clean, tidy and "conspicuous".

cleaning ≠ cleaning.

Safety: Identify all unsafe factors and make thorough improvements to improve employees' safety awareness and prevent accidents.

The principle of self-examination, self-correction and self-management.

Cleaning: Continuously implement the work of "sorting, rectifying, cleaning, and safety", and make it standardized, institutionalized, and routine. 6S is also part of the job.

Literacy: Through the implementation of 6S management, employees are encouraged to develop the habit of being civilized and polite, abiding by rules and continuous improvement, and improving the comprehensive ability and quality of all employees.

The man-made environment, the environment educates people.

Under the guidance of teachers, Knight Company actively implements standardization. Sure enough, the office under management not only looks particularly clean and tidy, but also greatly improves the efficiency of work, and the documents you are looking for are clear at a glance.


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