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How about the material and production process of the lifting desk?

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As a lifting desk, his production process and production requirements are also particularly important. Many customers will encounter problems such as shelling of the desktop and heavy odor when using the traditional lifting desk. However, the Naite lifting desk uses healthy and environmentally friendly panels, which are lower than the international E1 level of formaldehyde emission. So what will the material and production process of the lifting desk look like?


The lifting desk board adopts E1 grade environmental protection board through: fixed size dismantling board-sealing edge-digging hole. One of the most important is the edge banding. Its process directly affects the life of the later use. Today, I will explain the edge banding process of the lifting desk.

The edge banding of the lifting desk board adopts a fully automatic edge banding machine, whether it is straight edge or arc edge, it adopts double-track uniform speed edge banding, so that the material sealed at each position of the edge of the board is uniform. Moreover, it includes gluing, trimming, cooling, and forming in one step, which ensures the integrity and stability of the edge sealing.

For the plate-type desk top, the sealing performance of the sealing edge directly affects the service life. The plate-type material is formed by compressing the base material and pasting the upper decorative board. If the airtightness is not enough, water entering the board will cause the board to expand and burst, shortening the service life.

Choosing a good automatic edge banding technology for lifting desks not only has better product quality, but also a desk production law can ensure output. For enterprise customization, quality and output are double-sided.

The main desk materials of the mainstream electric lift desks on the market are solid wood panels, tempered glass materials and environmental protection panels (particle board/density board).

The best quality is solid wood panels, followed by tempered glass materials, and finally the environmental protection panels. You can also choose in this order when choosing.


The stability of the electric lift desk directly determines whether the desk will shake during use, and the load-bearing performance tests the weight of the items on the desk. In terms of parameter values, the stability performance is mainly related to the number of motors, and the larger the load-bearing performance, the better.

The desk leg material also has a priority selection order, which can be used as a reference: cold rolled steel material> aluminum alloy material> ordinary steel material. The best quality is cold-rolled carbon steel plate. If you consider portability, you can choose aluminum alloy.

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