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How To Distinguish The Environmental Office Furniture

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1. The copy of the inspection report should be stamped with the official seal

The inspection report of office furniture is a necessary condition for entering the market. The general office furniture manufacturers use copies when they sell, but the red seal of the inspection organization is not valid; for the inspection report of the inspection agencies of the province, it is necessary to see whether the inspection is entrusted or supervised. When the inspection is commissioned, the inspection institution is only responsible for the samples sent, and the degree of credibility is relatively small. The supervisory inspection report is the result of the random sampling inspection of the same batch products produced and sold by the quality supervision department, which is authoritative. At present, most of the counterfeit inspection reports have been altered, and no official seals and official seals are issued. In addition, the validity of the test report is six months, and the inspection report over the aging period will lose authenticity.

2, look at office furniture logo E1 level can be directly indoor decoration.

Looking at the quality of office furniture products, we should first look at the product logo, which includes grade, tree species, implementation standard, specification size, product name, brand qualification certificate, formaldehyde emission index and so on. The formaldehyde emission index was divided into E1 grade and E2 grade. General E1 level can be used directly in indoor decoration, E2 class decoration materials must be "decorated" (with veneer, decorative paper and other veneers to form decoration materials) or "paint" (paint or oil), after testing to achieve E1 level in the indoor use.

3. The more detailed the standard annotation is, the higher the integrity is

To see executive standards, it is better to use office furniture with national standards. Consumers should see the name, specification, tree species, certificate and environmental protection requirements on the packing box, which are often ignored by consumers, and experts believe that the more detailed the office furniture brand, the higher the integrity of the brand.



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