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How Should the Standing Desk Choose?

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How should the standing desk choose?

There is no black technology, it is not too much black technology. What is the main purpose of our most important purpose is to make it easy and fast to switch, so the table is stable and uncomfortable is that we should pay attention. Other aspects we have to focus on the work of the table and safety.

Of course, these are just some of my personal opinions. In order to better understand most of the user needs, I spent more than a week, I have made deep research on the lifting table, and I also analyze most users' evaluation and Some of the assessment of other platforms, eventually summed up a set of electricity and standing desk / lifting platform, only need to see three points, if it involves the functions and parameters not mentioned in these three points, it is not available As an important purchase point.

1.the view

At present, there are many tips in the market. Just another search is different, electric lifting, manual lift, pneumatic lifting, which is the elevation platform?

Many friends are here, sometimes in order to choose a cost-effective high-rise table, it may take one or two hours before and after, and finally it is still unreliable.

At present, the type of standing desk on the market is mainly divided into 4 categories: electric standing desk, pneumatic standing desk, manual standing desk, lift.

Among them, the pneumatic lift table and manual standing desk are not suitable for use in a small mobile standing desk because of the integrated load and stability factors. It is mainly used in a small mobile standing desk, which is not suitable for our broad office.

Electric standing desk and lifts are more comprehensive in terms of stability and cost performance, so for most friends who want to buy a rebate table, I only recommend electric boosting tables and lifts.


2. look at the brand

Many years of shopping experience, have to say that choosing a big brand of products can avoid stepping on the pit and reduce our choice costs, as well as after-sales cost of problems in our later products.

These brands listed above, are branded in the industry, sales, quality, have a good brand, and have a certain market share, and these products have more than 95%, which greatly avoids us to step on Pit, and even if you encounter problems, big brands can also have after-sales protection.

3.see parameters

After reading the above two points, you can only have a general choice, but you can't make specific products that suits you, this time you need more attention is the specific parameters of the standing desk.

· Stability

The table is used as our usual office. In addition to the display, there may be some office supplies or water cups, so we should focus on the stability and load of the table.

The number of motors directly affects the load of the table and the stability of the lifting. From the current market standing desk, the weight of the standing desk of the dual motor is generally above 100kg, and through the driving of the two-motor, lifts The stability is relatively better.

Secondly, the structure of the table frame, the single-beam affirmation does not have a double-beam table shelf structure, which is known if it is a building block.

Finally, the structure of the table feet. At this stage, the structure of the standing desk desk feet is mainly the number of candidates of the table feet and the differences in the reincarnation. There are no one to have a special test experiment. We will judge from life knowledge. The lower stability of the table's foot focus is definitely higher than the heavy heart, and the number of tables must have more stable than the number of days.


Purchase key: Have a higher load demand selection dual motor standing desk, table legs try to choose 2 structures, double beams, table frame materials to choose cold rolled carbon steel standing desk.

· See security

Electric lift table, after all, it is charged, especially there are children in the family, the safety of the table is still to pay attention, it is important to see the security lock, returned to the desktop.

Buying key points

1. There are children in the family prefer to have a safe lock and a standing desk that is blocked.

2. Table board material priority: solid wood board> tempered glass ≥ multi-layer solid wood board> particle plate, in achieving environmental requirements level according to its own budget.

· Convenient

We choose the main purpose of the electric boost table or to be able to carry out fast sitting alternation, and can have the practical work of the ordinary work desk, the focus of attention is that the table's lifting range, desktop size, speed of lifting, High memory; secondary focus is, whether the table has a USB interface, sedentary reminder and drawer.

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